Laboratorium Bioteknologi Industri Pangan dan Hasil Pertanian FTP UB
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Head of Laboratory :

Ir. Aji Sutrisno, M.Sc., PhD                              NIP.19691023 199702 1 002

Duty and responsibility:

Responsible for developing food and microbiology science, responsible for the management and development of research, infrastructure, and human resources in the laboratory, developing a good strategic  research aimed for solving the problems that exist in society and for the development of science. Coordination with BP3M at the faculty level to disseminate the results of laboratory research. Reported the implementation of laboratory activities to the Head of Department


Laboratory Staff Member:


  1. Agustin Krisna W., STP. M.Si. Ph.D.              NIP.19690807 199702 2 001
  2. Tunjung Mahatmanto, STP. M.Si.                   NIP.19810908 200801 1 007
  3. Mochamad Nurcholis, STP, MP.                      NIK. 850720 10 1 1 0040
  4. Feronika Heppy S. STP., MP.                            NIK. 83101810120241
  5. Endrika Widyastuti SPt., M.Sc., MP                NIP. 198509252012122002
  6. Sudarma Dita Wijayanti, STP, M.Sc, MP.      NIK. 84092410120321


Lecturer assistant

Fenty Nurtyastuti Eka P., STP

 Duty and responsibility :

Complying the laboratory rules, Conducting research in accordance with the laboratory research umbrella. Rresponsible for the performance and progress of the laboratory. Maintaining ethics and professionalism in working in a laboratory.


Assistant of Head Laboratory :

Nur Ida Panca Nugrahini, STP., MP                NIK. 86081010120155

Duty and responsibility :

Receiving and checking the report of  condition of laboratory equipment, analytical instruments, media stock, microbial culture stock and research student activities from laboratory assistant. Following up the head of laboratory decision about those reports. Helping and controlling the students laboratory activities. Making annual report of laboratory condition to the head of department.


Laboratory assistant:

Vita Nur Mufidah                        NIK. 870109 10 2 2 0718

Duty and responsibility :

Helping the implementation of practical activities, research and community service in the laboratory. Responsible for maintenance and inventory of laboratory facilities and infrastructure. Responsible for the cleanliness of laboratory equipment. Provide monthly reports to the Head of the Laboratory related to chemical and microbial conditions, tools and laboratory activities.